Letter Writing Under the Radar

June 28, 2010 – 1:54 pm

Most of my articles and templates on letter writing deal with the most requested letters such as: recommendation letters, reference letters, business introduction letters, cover letters, and a couple of others.

Nevertheless, in addition to those usual suspects, there are a number of other letter types for which visitors to my websites often request information and samples. Below are links to sample templates of my seven (7) most requested “under the radar” letters:

Appreciation Letter or Letter of Appreciation

Goodbye Letter or Farewell Letter

Invitation Letter or Letter of Invitation

Congratulations Letter or Letter of Congratulations

Termination Letter or Letter of Termination

Apology Letter or Letter of Apology

Condolence Letter or Letter of Condolence

Most of the above letters can be of a personal or a business nature, depending on the specific situation involved. Make sure you compose and format yours accordingly.


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  2. Dear Shaun,
    I am living in Jamaica, West Indies and I must say how happy I was to have received your package of letter writing.

    Will comment later.
    Pamela Miller

    By pamela miller on Jun 28, 2010

  3. Thanks Shawn for your help, it really satisfying me for what I need….keep it on and God bless…

    By Viona on Jun 28, 2010

  4. Dear Shaun,
    I was called to a meeting which made it impossible to complete my comments, however what I wanted to say was that I was very pleased to have received you free letter writing course and that it was of great help to me in my business.
    Pamela Miller

    By pamela miller on Jun 28, 2010

  5. Hi Shaun! Thanks for the great work you are doing with writing help. I am still under the frenzy of the world cup, enjoying the great sound of vuvuzela and the challenges posed to goal-keepers by the jabulani football. Though my country has been eliminated, I am getting full value for my time from Ghana, Brazil, Argentina, and West Germany.


    By Nathan on Jun 28, 2010

  6. Dear Shaun,

    You are so nice for sharing your experiece with us every month. I am so glad to read them every time rather than the writing tips.

    Best wishes.

    Ximei Liu

    By Ximei Liu on Jun 28, 2010

  7. Dear Shaun,

    Thanks a million for such a beautiful gift that u given me. Had I to go out and learn it..would have costed me more and I don’t think they would have ever taught me the way you did to me. I read each and every line of your mail..It is so well written. Believe me I have never read any article like yours. I am glad I chose to take help from you.

    May God bless you and the angels kiss you. May you continue to be a blessing to many others.

    Will surely recommend your mini course to all my friends..

    Love and regards,

    By John on Jun 28, 2010

  8. Dear Shaun,

    I don’t have words to express my gratitude for having your English writing lessons, where I couldn’t find any reference in Afghanistan. I have also shared some important topics with colleagues when ever required.

    Best Regards

    By Hayelom on Jun 28, 2010

  9. Dear Sir

    Thank you very much for giving me the letter writing course. I am happy that I have learnt how to write letters, esp business letters.
    I once again thank you for sending the course.

    By Anilkumar Madas on Jun 29, 2010

  10. My dear Shaun (My friend),
    Peace be upon you and your family. Your writing materials are better than other
    I have used them in my daily office works, it is more grateful for me.



    By Hakimi on Jun 29, 2010

  11. Dear ol’ Aus.
    Well, we tried.
    Should never had bothered.
    Foot(roundball)ball is not a code we know well enough.
    Perhaps we are just trying to satisfy some of countrymen from other countries.
    More likely it is BIG BUSINESS attempting to make large profits from imported players.
    HO Hum.

    By Jim on Jun 29, 2010

  12. Dear Mr. Shaun,

    At first I would like to take an opportunity to convey my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for your all out support with cordial to the peoples who are weak in English. Obviously, your effort is rare and wish May Allah bless you and give you the strength to continue your noble work.

    Once again, I convey my heartfelt thanks.

    Abdul Hamid
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    By Abdul Hamid on Jun 29, 2010

  13. I am very happy to put some comments here.
    Excellent material you sent for me . It is very helpful to my career.

    With regards
    Biju R

    By Biju R on Jun 29, 2010

  14. Hey Shaun,

    Hope u r in best of ur spirits. Thankyou soooooooooooooooooo much for your lovely and kind efforts. Trust me, whatever you post, is damn crucial for us.

    By Avni Bhatnagar on Jun 29, 2010

  15. Dear Shaun,
    I really do not know how to thank you; I just wanna tell you that I appreciate your efforts to develop our English business language. Your mini course in writing business letters is very useful. But I wonder if you can widen your help and give me some notes to develop my English in general cause I have the desire to professionally speak and write English in a short time. Waiting to hear from you

    Thanks a lot.

    By basma on Jun 29, 2010

  16. Dear Shaun,

    Thanks for your free letter writing course. I am from Sri Lanka. Although I watched the World cup (football) I am mostly interested in Cricket. Part of the Cricket World Cup 2011 tournaments will be held in Sri Lanka in Feb/March 2011.

    I hope you will keep in touch.

    Thank you and best regards,


    By Indunil on Jun 29, 2010

  17. Hi Shaun — Thanks so much for the different types of letters that are so essential in communication. I have found these helpful and one can use them at any level. These letters have changed my tone of communication and I am so proud of that. Please keep sending this to me because I am utilizing this in my letter writing. Thanks so much!

    By Emias on Jun 29, 2010

  18. You really go the extra mile to make things simple and effective.

    By Milton on Jun 29, 2010

  19. Thank you for the good work you doing.I realy thing you should add more because it helps a lot. Keep it up.

    By Ruky on Jun 29, 2010

  20. Hi Shaun

    Thanks for your great support!!!!! Here I am busy with first quarter ending process so I wasn’t able to go through your latest emails. Your your emails and tips are helping me a lot in my documentation process.

    We are also enjoying Maradona’s boys magic a lot… cheers Argentinaaaaaaa………

    By Sajin Panoli on Jun 29, 2010

  21. I really appreciate the newsletter and updates…seems like when I need a certain type of letter it is always here…
    Thanks so much!!

    By Patsy Alexander on Jun 29, 2010

  22. Dear Sahun,
    Thanks for all your emails. It’s really a great help and now I enjoy writing letters formal or informal.

    By Irini Jumaat on Jun 29, 2010

  23. Hi Shaun! Thanks for the new tips on letter writing under the Radar; it is very helpful and useful info. We all appreciate that you allow us to learn more and more every time we receive your writing support letters. Thanks a million for all of your effort and support.

    Mariam Hussain

    By Mariam Hussain on Jun 29, 2010

  24. Dear Shawn,
    Thanks a lot for your help. This is very helpful to me. This is a great thing you are doing.

    Warm regards

    By ricardo on Jun 29, 2010

  25. Dear Shaun,
    Its my pleasure to have your letter bank at free of cost!!! Thanks a lot.
    from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    By Syed Noor Ahasan on Jun 29, 2010

  26. Hi Shaun,
    I am grateful to have your help in honing my letter writing skills which was very difficult for me before.
    Your ideas certainly boost my confidence.
    Thank you Shaun.
    Have a splendid day ahed.

    Nilofar Shaikh

    By Nilofar Shaikh on Jun 29, 2010

  27. Dear Shaun,

    How are you? Here in Kuwait it is too hot.
    Thank you very much for your letters; they are a great help.
    Awaiting your more letters and help.

    Best regards,


    By saibi on Jun 30, 2010

  28. Hello, dear Shaun!

    I thank you for the wonderfull and great work you are doing with Letter Writing. I found it very helpful and useful. I thank you once again.

    Awaiting eagerly for more help in this regard.

    With best regards
    Negussie Tadesse

    By Negussie Tadesse on Jun 30, 2010

  29. Dear Shaun,

    You are enjoying hot summer vacations and while here in Melbourne Australia we are going to work in freezing cold weather.

    This is my firts ever time to comment. Your good letter has compelled me to do so. Thank you for sending such helpfull letters without any cost. I have achieved much success in my business life with the help of your letters.
    I am hopefull that you will keep conrtinue.

    With best regards,

    Ghulam abbas
    Melbourne, Australia

    By Ghulam Abbas on Jun 30, 2010

  30. Hi Shaun, I have to say you doing such a fanstatic job which demands appreciation by the users of this site. Keep this good job up for it has been of great help to me in particular because I have my essay marks has increased from 60% to 80%. Thanx again for the marvelous job you are doing.

    By brainy on Jun 30, 2010

  31. Dear Shaun,
    How are things with you? Your writing tips had been of tremendous help and a new level of growth in my knowledge of good writing.
    Thanks a million times.

    By paul nwabisi on Jun 30, 2010

  32. Dear Shaun,
    I sincerely appreciate your altruistic efforts to get as many people as can to access your letter writing assist service. I have benefitted from your efforts. Keep it going. Many thanks.
    Obiomah Omamor Daniel.

    By Obiomah Omamor Daniel on Jun 30, 2010

  33. Dear Shaun
    Thank you very much. This is very helpful and useful for me. I do hope you will keep continue.

    Thak you again.

    Best regards,

    By Panida on Jul 1, 2010

  34. Dear Shaun;
    Greetings from the Himalayas in Nepal. Thank you so much for your wonderful tips — they are so practical and doable.
    God bless you and your kind work.
    Josh in Kathmandu

    By Josh Niraula on Dec 28, 2010

  35. You made some first rate points there. I looked on the web for the problem and located your website. Most people will associate with with your website.

    By Ann McLean on Mar 25, 2012

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