The Writing Help Top 10 For 2008

December 31, 2008 – 11:03 am

As most of my regular subscribers know, I have been gradually building up the content at my main writing help website for almost eight years now. ( There are currently more than 300 pages, totaling over 300,000 words of original and unique practical writing help advice, tips and tricks in the form of articles and templates posted on that website.


For your info, last year more than 4 million visitors from 190 countries visited my Writing Help Central website looking for info and templates:


To see the Top 10 writing help links of 2008, keep on reading:



The 2008 Top Ten


Business Letters

1.   /sample-letters-business.html


Personal Letters

2.    /sample-letters-personal.html



Reference Letter Resources 

3.   /reference-letter-definition.html


Recommendation Letter Resources 

4.   /recommendation-letter-definition.html


Recommendation Letter Template 

5.   /recommendation-letter.html



APA Paper Cover Page 

6.   /apa-sample1.html


 Business Letter Formats

7.   /business-letter-format.html


 MLA Paper Cover Page

8.   /mla-sample1.html


Character Reference Sample

9.   /character-reference.html


Resume Sample

10.   /resume-sample1.html


Of course, with more than 4 million visitors from over 190 countries, there were a lot of other popular pages in addition to the above.


If you need any type of practical writing help from letters, to essays, to resumes, to book reports, to personal statements, and much more, you should spend some time looking around Writing Help Central:


  1. 5 Responses to “The Writing Help Top 10 For 2008”

  2. Thank you Shaun, I am greatly indebted to you for the valuable tips I have recieved in the last one month. More so in the bussines and recommendation letter writing. I am told I write well but I have never felt the same myself and that is the reason that I constantly sarf the net to get the latest tips in this areas. This is from the layout, the sulutations introduction, body and conclusion. You mitivated me to learn the value of brevity. That the best of letters are the one page ones which will almost always get read. Thank and wish you A HAPPY 2009.

    By Agnes on Jan 7, 2009

  3. Dear Shaun, your lessons are really interesting! Much appreciate for all!!

    By Annie Le on Feb 4, 2009

  4. Dear Shaun, your lessons are really appreceiated. Thank you.

    By Thandi Phama on Feb 19, 2009

  5. Hello Mr Shaun, I was very impressed when I read your 7 tips to letterwriting. Sincerely I have been looking for tips like this that will boost my write-ups. The tips are very educative. While thanking God for giving you wisdom to forge ahead, I also look forward to seeing much of this lesson.

    May I seize this opportunity to let you know that I take interest in buying your study text – books, but my constraint is that we do not have credit card in Nigeria, paying on-line is difficult for me here. Is there any other possible means to remit money to you from Nigeria for the purchase of the books? Please reply.

    Once again, I appreciate you effort on letter writing. Have a blessed evening and remain blessed while waiting anciously to read from you soones.


    By Beatrice Foluke on Feb 26, 2009

  6. Its really been kind of you Shaun, You have given me the know how in all your write ups.
    Thanks a million for helping me to world of letter writing tips.


    By BETTY A on Feb 27, 2009

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