Internet Basics For Beginners

If you or someone you know struggles with basic online tasks such as composing and sending e-mails, and surfing the Net, this simply written, step-by-step how-to guide, with lots of graphics, will make it all seem so much easier.

This unique how-to resource for non-techies will show you exactly what you need to know to be able to quickly and effectively compose, send, and receive e-mails and find the info you are looking for on the World Wide Web. If you are one of those people who feels somewhat overwhelmed by all of the "technobabble" and you just want the straight info on how to do the basic stuff online, this book was written for you.

Internet Basics For Beginners "Internet Basics for Beginners is a step-by-step how-to manual written specifically to help non-technical people learn the basics of sending and receiving e-mails and surfing the Net. It is written in simple, straightforward language, and targets seniors, homemakers, and self-employed business people who are online beginners, or who may not yet be online. It contains more than 125 screen shots that show readers exactly what they will see when they try to perform each task online. It has a comprehensive "how-to Index" and covers the most popular e-mail programs and browsers, including MS-Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. If you or someone you know has been reluctant to go online, this book is the answer. It's a people-friendly guide for beginners and technophobes from all walks of life."

Here's what you get in this unique and powerful how-to manual:

Multi-purpose hands-on how-to guide packed with tips, tricks, pointers, and insider secrets on how to send e-mails and surf the Net, no matter what software you use.

More than 125 screen shots that show you exactly what you will see on your computer screen so that you can quickly learn by simply duplicating what you see in front of you.

Exclusive access to a private video tutorials Website that contains instructional videos that you can view to complement the information in the book.

Written in simple straightforward non-technical language that will make it easy for you to understand and follow - DOES NOT contain techie-talk or cyber-babble.

Simple point-and-click instructions (with pictures) on how to Copy and Paste and Cut and Paste when composing or replying to e-mails; essential info that most beginners struggle with.

Comprehensive chapter on e-mail software; covers MS-Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail so you will know how to use both PC-based e-mail programs and/or Web-based e-mail services.

Special section on e-mail etiquette that shows beginners exactly how to properly compose, send and reply to e-mails so they will communicate effectively and not come across as newbies.

Bonus chapter on online terminology that explains, in simple non-techie terms, the most common words you are likely to come across and wonder about when e-mailing and surfing.

Covers the two most popular Internet browsers; MS-Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

This book is perfect for online beginners who have been struggling to find their way around online; it will also help those folks who have so far been reluctant to get online due to fear of the technology involved. It explains all of the basics in simple, straightforward language and provides more than 125 follow-along point-and-click illustrations.

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