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Hello there,

My name is Shaun Fawcett and I operate two of the most popular "writing help" sites on the Net: writinghelp-central.com and writinghelptools.com. In that role, I frequently receive requests to edit letters, essays and resumes for people. So, I finally decided to formalize this editing service as described below. (about me)

I will edit, revise and finalize ANY TEXT (e.g., cover letter, application letter, personal statement, admission essay, etc.) for you, and get it back to you within a matter of hours GUARANTEED, or your money back!

Over the past 25 years, I have written and edited literally thousands of letters, essays and reports of every description imaginable. And, as the Webmaster of two of the most popular writing help sites on the Internet, I continue to write and revise documents for many people. In fact, I've even written a number of books on the subjects of letter and essay writing. You can take a look at my Writing Help books, at the following link:


So, if you are trying to write a letter or other document and can't get past the draft stage to the final version, my Quick Edit Service is here to help you...

Quick Edit is as easy as one-two-three. Here's how it works:

  1. First; prepare a written or point form draft of your document in your word processor (i.e. MS-Word).

  2. Second; make your payment via the PayPal payment link provided below.

  3. Third; right after your payment, send me an e-mail at the Quick Edit address listed on the PayPal "Thank You Page", with your draft document attached to it.

Here's what the Quick Edit service will give you:

  • You will receive a final edited version of your document within a few hours of the time that I first open your e-mail. (I will send the finished letter in a "reply" to your original request so you can check the times.)

  • With your edited document you will receive an edit trail mark-up version, showing you exactly what revisions were made along the way.

  • Your edited document will be in final fully-formatted format so that you will be able to print it quickly and send it out.

  • If you require an additional edit of the same document, for any reason, it will be done for no extra charge.

"Shaun, your editing service is undoubtedly of the highest quality by far. I cannot thank you enough for assisting me with the final editing of my personal statement. Your professionalism with the process was remarkable, and your attention to detail with writing and language helped to shape and finalize my statement. I am thrilled to say that I have been accepted into the Ph.D. program at my first choice school! I will recommend your editing services to all colleagues and friends who are looking for a high quality editing service. I am very grateful for your help and I look forward to working with you again in the near future!"
--- Cristin G., New Jersey, 07204, USA

"Dear Shaun: Wow! I am amazed at what God can do through people. You are truly gifted and I am blessed to know you. Yes, there is power in words and I hope the words you gave me will lead me to where I want to be. You are blessed, and truly blessed. Thank you immensely. Your work is worth much more than what we paid you; but you can count on my prayers."
--- Sister Francisca Okafor, M.D., Staten Island, NY, USA

"Shaun, thank you for another magnificent job. You really do make me and my business sound great. As far as Iím concerned, each of the editing jobs you have done for me is a masterpiece."
--- Jose Colon, 2020Inspections, Sarasota, FL, USA

"Shaun , you're the best!! I just got my acceptance letter from my dream school and wanted to thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate the fact that not only did you edit my personal and diversity statements, but you also took the time to explain each and every question I had regarding the changes. Moreover, you did not 'change' my essays, but 'edited/corrected' them ( unlike another, rather famous, editing service I had previously used). My two cents for anyone considering law school in the United States would be to have their essays edited by YOU and to apply as early as possible!! Your service was worth every penny that I spent and I am looking forward to working with you again. Thank you soooo much. Cheers!"
--- Ayesha Z., Topeka, KS, USA

"Thank you very much for you help Shaun. I was very impressed by the great job that you did and I am going to recommend your quick and intelligent editing sevice to my colleagues."
--- Albena T., New York, NY, USA

"Shaun, the editing you did on my draft admission essay was invaluable. I love the way your edit service works; all the versions you send with the mark-ups until the final version, with everything clearly explained. I just want you to know how grateful I am and how much I truly appreciate your fantastic service on my final essay. It allowed me to submit a high quality essay to the schools to which I applied."
--- Carina Ottoni, Cuiaba, MT, Brazil

"Shaun, thanks for the prompt delivery; definitely much more than an 'edit' job. I will keep you in mind. I'm looking forward to working with you again. Thanks!!"
--- Shamsa Khan, New York, NY, USA

"Thanks Shaun. After reading my edited personal statement I was speechless; I was only at the second paragraph when I felt my eyes fill with tears. I love it! It was terrific. You took my personal statement to a new level. I wish I would have found you earlier. Once again, thank you very much."
--- Doris O., Napierville, IL, USA

"Shaun - I am extremely satisfied with my new and improved personal statement. I will not change or add anything to it. It's perfect. Thank you so much for your work!"
--- Karine Dubuisson, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

"Thank you for everything Shaun!! Once again you gave me a masterpiece!!"
--- Sarah R., Brooklyn, NY, USA

To see a Quick Edit sample Click here

Here's how to order Quick Edit Service and what it costs (US$):

Just select the appropriate order choice below and click on the matching "Buy Now" button. You will be taken to PayPal's ultra-secure payment site. The entire payment process will take less than 45 seconds. (PayPal is the largest and most secure payment processor on the Internet, serving over 50 million customers worldwide).

399 words or less (about one page): $29.95   Click order button.....
400 to 699 words (about two pages): $49.95   Click order button.....
700 to 899 words (about three pages): $69.95 Click order button.....
NOTE: If your requirement exceeds the 900 word limit, please send your document to me at quickedit@writinghelptools.com and I will give you an estimate.

As soon as your payment is processed by PayPal you will be taken to a page titled "You Have Completed Your Transaction!". MAKE SURE you click on the button in the lower right-hand corner of that page labelled "Return To Merchant". That link will take you to my "Thank You Page" where you will be given a special Quick Edit e-mail address to which you can send your draft letter.

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